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a lightning-fast run down memory lane

The only TV series I’m trying hard to keep up with right now is “The Flash.” For every other show I watch, I can wait until I have enough time for a binge, but I want to watch “The Flash” as it airs on the CW. There’s just something about it. When I watch it,…

diana hong soundtracks and sensations march 23 2016

puzzle pieces

the right vibes for the right times

Have you ever heard a song for the first time and thought, “Whoa, this is the perfect song for ______”? The perfect song for walking on the beach when the waves are violent, dark, and frothy; for watching the sunrise on a rooftop that you’re not allowed to be on; for when you’re in the…


Warming Up Winter

Creative Foods for Surviving the Cold Weather

Providence is as unpredictable as an excited toddler when it comes to weather. We went from 60-degree weather to six inches of snow all in the first two weeks of classes, and who knows what’s in store next? As excited as I get each time snowflakes flutter from the sky and the world turns a…