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Brown’s 2017 Spring Weekend Playlist

a closer look at this year’s spring weekend performers

PRINCESS NOKIA Destiny Nicole Frasqueri has gone through a number of stage name changes, from Wavy Spice (which is a better name than Scary Spice) to the singular Destiny. Her latest incarnation goes by Princess Nokia, and she describes the persona as a representation of her “multi-dimensional aspects.” For a singer so concerned with questions…

doris liou_ chinese feminism

Women can hold up half the sky

Translating Chinese Feminism

I am fourteen years old, and I am visiting China for the first time in twelve years. A murky yellow light floods the train car, and I step gingerly down the narrow walkway, contorting my body to avoid the occasional jutted elbow. The train speeds through the countryside, and each time it dips into a…

doris lious salads

Salads ‘n’ Stuff

An inquiry into salads

Traditional Salad Bar This is your average salad bar. It’s fine. The official recommended system is to get a to-go box, add all your ingredients and dressing, then shake it like you’re listening to OutKast in 7th grade. If this sounds like your type of lunch, this is the right salad bar for you. Mediterranean…

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navigating hair as an indian-canadian woman

I am seven years old, sitting in the car next to one of my family friends. The light from the street lamps occasionally flits into the dark car, illuminating parts of our skin. “Look at my arms,” she tells me. Through the dimmed glow of fluorescent yellow light, I catch a glimpse of her tanned…

Doris Liou22Asian American Slackers

Asian American Slackers

The model minority myth is a pain in the ass. Living with the pervasive misconception that Asians are submissive, assiduous, SAT-acing geniuses is enough strife, especially since the myth reinforces the denigration of Black and Latino Americans. Seeing this one-dimensional caricature of overachiever Asian Americans in pop culture adds insult to injury. With shows like…