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27 Beauty Marks

to love and be loved

When you were 14 years old, you counted 27 beauty marks on your body. You told yourself that you would one day find someone who knew this number by heart, and they would tell you that their favorites were the ones scattered haphazardly across your face (the same marks that got you teased in the…

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Stacks Shelver

finding meaning in a summer job at the Rock

When you apply for a job, one of the most important things to do is to sound as excited as possible. Some effective phrases may include: “I’ve always wanted to work in an environment like this!” “The opportunity would be life-changing!” or “This is a way for me to really challenge myself!” However, when I…

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Coming Out

a sexual self-portrait

Oh God, here it comes, the moment I’ve been putting off for months, when I have to tell people that I’m not what they think I am, what I’ve been pretending to be. The worst part is afterwards, when they’ll feel like I’ve been hiding something from them for years, but I’ve just gotta grit…