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hook, pick-up line, and sinker

It all began with bluefish423, a sumptuous blonde 23-year-old Brown grad in the Big Apple. She was beautiful, both inside and out (naturally)—anyone would gather this through her enticing OkCupid profile and infectious smile. Too good to be true, some might wonder. Well, like most, she did have one flaw—she was me. In my sophomore…

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reliving spring break culinary experiences

While for most, traveling revolves around the discovery of new sights and cultural experiences, for me, traveling is about the food. Instead of exploring through tours of cities, nature, or ruins, I learn about places and people through dishes. Whether driving thirty minutes to the south shores of Rhode Island, flying to another state, or…

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Structural Memories

A Farm Written Through its Buildings

Mill Burn all barns and mills and their contents, salve and drive off all stock in the region, which is difficult in a Virginia town built from stone.* The miller, when he discovered his business would be the spoils of war, offered the Union soldiers a meal, but after they had eaten his bribe and wiped…

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time machine

which historical period would you live in?

“Honestly, I would say I would stay in the present. Because, a) technology. I don’t think I could live without running water and toilets and all those things. And b) being an Asian woman in America at any other time besides the present would be far worse than presently. So I’m okay staying here. It’s…

emily reif spilled milk march 16 2016

family dynamics

events from a sunday night dinner

The spilled milk forms a three-headed and one-legged dog on the hardwood floor. White on distressed brown, while the distressed cries from Mother cause the milk to shift and shake. The dog has four tails and no head. The dog has one head and three legs. The dog has no body. The dog has only…