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    Cathartic Trash

    make some space for the godawful justin timberlake album

    February 15, 2018
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    Fun times in post-internet malaise: The big-pop album is not out for another week, in fact, it’s entombed in a mini-USB under Fort Knox, so while you wait, here’s all the disqualifying backlash strung together in a Twitter moment. Excited for Reputation? The roll-out’s been a misread of third-wave feminism. Taylor’s canceled. Younger Now sounds… […]

    a book signing

    four strangers become friends

    November 29, 2017
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    Meeting your favorite writer in the flesh and blood is not always the same as reading their thoughts in paper and ink. Their voice, which fills pages with its rich magic, does not sound the same when they speak aloud. It is easy to expect writers to be an amalgamation of their characters—both vulnerable and […]

    Casually Cool

    Talking Through St. Vincent’s Return

    October 18, 2017
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    Joshua Lu: So as I was preparing for this discussion, I remembered an old article from The Brown Daily Herald that I copyedited a couple years back (“St. Vincent crushes Lupo’s with intensity in dynamic concert,” 3/11/15). As far as I know this is the first time The BDH or even Brown has discussed St. […]

    Shania Twain, Then and Now

    A Country Music Icon Returns

    October 4, 2017
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    2002 was a simpler time. George W. Bush was barely in his second year as president. The Iraq War was still in the distance. Taylor Swift was 13 years old, Beyoncé was part of Destiny’s Child, and Ashanti was being played on the radio. The majority of us were in elementary school. And 2002 was […]


    The threads that wind between us

    September 20, 2017
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    AS220, a community arts organization based in downtown Providence, has flourished because it has kept its independence paramount.   In 1992, founder Umberto Crenca purchased a 21,000 square foot building in the heart of downtown Providence, in a derelict part of town, with no running water or electricity. In the span of a year, it […]