• Gaby Trevino

    a full family affair

    the relatability of schitt’s creek

    November 20, 2020
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    Behind the closed door of my upstairs bedroom, I shouldn’t be able to hear my father’s bellowing laugh coming from our family room downstairs. After several minutes of failing to muffle his chuckles with loud music, I decide to walk downstairs to investigate the source of his laughter. When I enter the family room, I […]

    encyclopedia brown

    round two

    November 12, 2020
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    OMAC /plz-norona-plz/ Noun   Large dome-shaped assembly line where you anxiously file in to check whether or not you’re going to die. Please stay safe, kids! Stay Positive and test Negative!     Pod /Aym-all-alohn/ Noun   People have 5 close friends?!?    Blueno /miss-yu-bb/ Noun   Costly blue-bear object resting on Lamp. Stolen from us […]

    the cupboard of memories

    (v)olumes, (h)indsight, (s)entimentality

    November 5, 2020
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    In the middle of the night, while staring at my dorm room ceiling, I suddenly remembered Digimon. And no—before you ask—I don’t consider it a Pokémon knock-off. Though, like Pokémon, it does hold nostalgic value. Back in elementary school, my grandmother had an old TV and VHS set. She kept all of her VHSes in […]

    accessing algorithms

    an attempt at being digitally mindful

    October 29, 2020
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    “You should write about algorithms!” my roommate and best friend Lauren exclaimed the other day. As a person who often realizes things about myself after other people do, I responded “Yeah, I should!” I should start at the beginning, when I was twelve. My mother first bought me a new iPhone 4, a gleaming white […]

    emily in paris

    confronting stereotypes, fantasies, and my parisian dream

    October 22, 2020
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    I vividly remember scrolling through my Instagram feed when I stopped on a photo of Lily Collins striding the cobblestone streets of Paris in a red beret and checkered dress suit. She smiles serenely at the camera, exuding helpless excitement and infatuation with the city. Caught up in the sudden wanderlust provoked by Lily’s effortless […]