• Halle Krieger

    this is brown

    meta political action in poppy and childish gambino

    April 25, 2019
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    I was recently told in a mass email that, when engaging political issues at Brown, my options are either discourse or discourse. Thankfully, I am a productive member of the Brown community, so I have ample opportunity to engage in discourse. In fact, it seems to be all that I’m expected to do. According to […]


    may you walk in beauty

    March 8, 2019
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    The Navajo community is a strong matrilineal society. Following Diné tradition, my formal introduction presents both my maternal and paternal clan. I am Tł’ááshchí’í (my mother’s clan). I was born for Ta’neeszahnii (my father’s clan). That’s who I am. I carry my mother’s being with me—for we are one. I walk in the footsteps of […]

    fall favorites

    a semester’s worth of moments

    December 6, 2018
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    A sunny Sunday—a morning in India Point Park, an afternoon kicking around a soccer ball, and an evening full of music and conversation. A late-night-turned-early-morning conversation more fun than the party we went to earlier that evening. Bingeing all of The Good Place Season 1 in a single day with my roommate while we downed […]

    he’s so high

    at the movies: free solo

    November 1, 2018
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    The first time Alex Honnold set out, without ropes or harnesses (what climbers call a “free solo”), to climb the sheer granite face of El Capitan, a 3,000-foot rock formation in Yosemite Valley, it was four in the morning on a fall day in 2016. Directors Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi were there too, […]

    scary sentences

    things you don’t wanna hear

    October 25, 2018
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    ~~It’s spooky time~~ Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Your instructor has released grade changes and new comments for Midterm 1. These changes are now viewable. I want to give back your essays one-on-one, in my office. Your midterm isn’t tomorrow; it was yesterday. Never gonna give you up. I really can’t stay. […]