• Halle Krieger

    Who Am I This Time?

    watching “maniac” on netflix

    October 4, 2018
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    How to briefly summarize Maniac? Let me begin by saying this—it’s Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, playing five parts apiece, in a ten-episode miniseries set in a retro-future where computers are sentient but line printers and fax are still in widespread use. There are multiple crisscrossing realities that crisscross and are either extended psychoses or […]

    the rat lap

    come for lunch rush, stay for run-ins

    September 13, 2018
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    My first-ever Ratty meal, I forgot how to feed myself. The dining hall’s roundabout shape confused me; after half a round, I was already lost. Meanwhile, new floormates clustered: filling booths, picking at the salad bar in search of fries. I grabbed a fist-sized bowl, too small for dinner, and frantically filled it to the […]