• Iris Xie


    communicating (in) long-distance friendships

    October 11, 2019
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    I’ve been in a long-distance friendship for a year now. Sure, such a feat doesn’t elicit as much sympathy or awe as maintaining a long-distance relationship does; I’m sure you or someone you know is friends with someone separated by coasts or continents, seas or time zones. But still, I find it impressive.   We’ve done […]

    a renovation project

    reconciling past and imagined selves

    October 4, 2019
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    As another herd of cackling bodies charged in through the front door, I decided to take a moment to properly survey my surroundings. It was a Saturday night in early September. I sat on the kitchen floor in an upperclassman dorm of unknown coordinates, holding in my hands two Nature Valley Oats ’n Honey bars, […]

    throwback to ’09

    conversations that built my new home

    September 27, 2019
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    When you first get to college, you’re flooded with a deluge of new conversations. You meet new people everywhere, and you’re just trying to figure out how to exist in this new environment: to find a place to belong and people to belong with. By now, I’ve had my fair share of “No way, you’re […]