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jake reeves nuisance Ordinances black and white oct 13 2015 copy

nuisance ordinances

peace at a price

Dr. Gretchen Arnold is currently an assistant professor of sociology at Saint Louis University. She has been performing research on issues of violence against women for over 25 years and has been working with the domestic violence movement in St. Louis since the late 1980s. Yidi Wu: Can you explain what nuisance ordinances are for…

jake reeves album covers nov 11 2015

more than meets the eye

albums and their images

In early 2013, consistently beloved NYC-based indie rock trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs announced the details of their upcoming fourth album “Mosquito”. One of the items released was a first glimpse at the record’s cover art: a CGI-rendered image of a large mosquito holding a crying baby in mid-air with the band’s name spelled out along…

Jacob Reeves book review oct 21 2015

jackson, vonnegut, and garcia marquez

literary masterminds in the short story landscape

As short stories, these pieces of literature are quick, one-sitting reads. Their succinct styles embody all the intensity of larger works of writing, but pack a quick and very effective punch that drives points home in hugely effective ways. Carefully and artfully crafted, every word in a short story counts and every sentence carries meaning….