Jenice Kim

jenice kim No I Still Cant Do Latte Art

No, I Still Can’t Do Latte Art

Reflections of a Barista

I stand in line for coffee in the Minneapolis airport, watching sinks fill with used dishes and steam pour into the air from the milk pitchers behind the counter. As each person steps up to the counter, I recite the recipes for  their drinks in my mind. Two shots of espresso, milk frothed until 120…

jenice kim Auf Wiedersehen

auf wiedersehen


On March 7, 2008, Jesse McCartney released the music video for his single “Leavin’,” setting fire to the loins of teens, tweens, and twinks across the nation. The video opens with a frenetic series of out-of-focus jump cuts that flicker between a half-undressed McCartney and the object of his affection, an unnamed girl clad in…

jenice kim sunday sadness

Sunday Sadness

a reflection on moments gone by

I am only slightly embarrassed to admit that I recently cried while walking onto an airplane listening to some mainstream folk. It wasn’t a full out sob by any means, but a couple sizable tears truly rolled down my cheek during my walk from the gate to seat 29A. I wasn’t mourning any great loss…

jenice kim page and screen

page and screen

thoughts on books, movies, and stories that travel across mediums

I’m trying to overcome the idea that I’ve missed out on something when I only watch a film adaptation of a book without reading the source material. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to stop thinking this. We often hear the phrase “The book was better,” or we learn that a film…

Jenice Kim missing yourself sep 28

missing yourself

for your sake, let it rattle

On medication, you are normal. On medication, you lose weight and smile more and get good grades. On medication, you impress yourself. On medication, you don’t have to rely on any friend or roommate or sibling. On medication, you take care of yourself. On medication, you change. You’re happy you’re not where you used to…