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speculative self-defense

walking in the dark

It’s 11:30. Why is it so dark? Where is the moon when you need a natural light source? Should I call Safe Walk? The walk from the Rock to Wayland is three minutes long. I don’t need to call Safe Walk. See? There’s security personnel everywhere. I’m going to stay on this side of the…

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captivating language, and where it can take you

As much as I’d like to take credit for the fantastic pun “other-wordly,” it belongs to the URL of one of my favorite tumblrs ( It is a blog dedicated to the appreciation of strange and lovely words. Yee-Lum, a creative writing major and the mind behind other-wordly, elaborates on the concept: “Sometimes those are…

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soccer and saxophones

an argument for making/doing/writing

I grew up in a family of serious sports fans, but that caring-about-sports gene somehow didn’t get passed down to me. That meant I spent a decent amount of time as a kid doing my best to tolerate sporting events, mostly baseball games—I brought a book to pretty much every baseball game I can remember…