Jenice Kim

jenice Kim like fine china October 12 2015

like fine china

a short story

Dad picked me up, that time, on a Sunday. He opened the passenger side door for me and turned on the radio as soon as he sat down behind the wheel, reaching both hands through the sunroof and drumming his palms on the top of the car. After we waved goodbye in the general direction…


What’s your weirdest hobby?

advice from brown

“I collect psychic tarot cards, crystals, and other occult paraphernalia. I have a website where I interpret people’s dreams and tell them who they were in past lives and alternate lives. It started when I got into different religious anthologies, and that got me into the occult. And even though I don’t necessarily believe in…

jenice Kim, interview with a student film maker, september 28

fireflies in tennessee

q&a with filmmaker henry chaisson

Most undergrads are still figuring out how to make their mark on the world. Music concentrator and filmmaker Henry Chaisson ’16, on the other hand, is well on his way to real-life success. Post- sat down with Henry to talk about his short film “Theodora,” as well as the craft of filmmaking, career advice, and…

jenice kim, september 21, girl dying falling slipping story

salt lake city

a short story

They started coming after mother died. Little brown packages, tied with twine, filled with folded paper notes. I’m sorry, they said, in blotted black ink. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. There was no return address. When I bought my first apartment and moved to the city, another appeared on my doorstep. It was filled…