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Brown’s 2017 Spring Weekend Playlist

a closer look at this year’s spring weekend performers

PRINCESS NOKIA Destiny Nicole Frasqueri has gone through a number of stage name changes, from Wavy Spice (which is a better name than Scary Spice) to the singular Destiny. Her latest incarnation goes by Princess Nokia, and she describes the persona as a representation of her “multi-dimensional aspects.” For a singer so concerned with questions…

the language of resistance

in praise of solmaz sharif’s poetry

Language is powerful. Some of this power derives from its destructive consequences. In today’s political landscape, we are clearly witnessing one such harmful capability of language: its ability to conceal the truth and deny reality. “Alternative facts” is a phrase that serves as a smokescreen for what should be called blatant lies. This term possesses…

katie cafaro 22A Piece about Religion and Agnosticism 1


explore the in-between

  I’ve probably been to more bar mitzvahs than you. Having grown up in the heavily Jewish suburbs of northern Chicago, my seventh grade weekends almost always consisted of two, three, or even four services and parties to attend. Indeed, if you’ve ever stayed in a hotel in the Chicago area on a Saturday night,…

katie cafaro _body tell all

body tell all

on IUDs, from the women who know them best

It’s a scary time to have a uterus in America. Yet, the idea of putting a foreign metal thing into your body as a means of resistance is somewhat unsettling. When I first heard about intrauterine devices (IUDs) in the wake of Donald Trump’s election this past November, the idea summoned images of excruciating pain,…