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after the election

When George Bush won re-election in 2004, my mother threw a tissue box at the TV screen. During the campaign, she’d marched in anti-war rallies, canvassed for John Kerry, and called our representatives. She was tired and frustrated and wanted more for our country. I was almost 10. I didn’t know then how visceral, how…

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It’s Lit

Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss YA Fiction

Young adult literature is often a divisive topic among book-readers—one that can ruin friendships, cause literary wars, or at least prompt school-newspaper coverage. (We book-readers are very passionate about our opinions and must express them to the public after all.) Although some critics dismiss young adult fiction as lowbrow reading, believing that YA novels have…

katie cafaro watching the election on tv

Turning off Trump TV

American goes dark after Election Day

“Who would have guessed that everything could end so suddenly on a pretty Tuesday morning?” – Jonathan Franzen, Sep. 24, 2001 No one who showed up for the Brown Democrats victory party in Metcalf Auditorium on Tuesday night had ever seen anything like this. Under two enormous screens streaming CNN and CBS, many of us…


the era of george watsky

two boys grow up together

January 17, 2011 A kid from San Francisco posts a video on YouTube. His name is George Watsky, and he can rap fast. The video’s title says as much—and after going viral on Reddit, the 90-second clip of this white kid spitting in a slight lisp over Busta Rhymes’s “Break Ya Neck” gains 100,000 views…


A Dichotomy of Queens

What I learned from meeting my favorite and least favorite reality stars

Driving in Provincetown, Massachusetts, is not easily accomplished, especially for an anxious driver such as myself. My fingernails dug deep into the pliant, rubberized steering wheel as I tried to avoid hitting a stream of oblivious vacationing couples in pastel shirts. Interwoven with the tourists were various street performers. My gaze jumped between a sparkling…