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this is my story

supergirl’s struggle for autonomy

Psylocke has been my favorite comic character ever since her appearance in the Uncanny X-Force series from 2010. With ninja-like combat skills and psychic powers, she proves again and again in a short twenty-five-issue series that she is tough as nails and unapologetic about her flaws. Yet her appearance in this year’s Age of Apocalypse…

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the god inside my head

a merciless tyrant undeserving of my worship

It started when I was six, I think. My mind was stung with quick, piercing needles. My psyche was hit with thoughts that horrified me: vulgarities, blasphemies. I believed I was responsible for these sudden thoughts, and I believed that these thoughts were immoral, sinful. Whenever I tried to stop them, they became fiercer, more…

katie cafaro happy birthaday

Happy Birthday

i’ll cry if i want to

Hey, I know a lot has changed, but will you guys be coming to my birthday party this year? I’ve been making plans. There’ll be pizza and wings, like there always have been before. I’ll try to find a good movie. I think it’ll be fun. Do you remember the first one, in 2005? That…

katie cafaro Negative Transaction at Lil Joes sep 28

negative transaction at lil joe’s

brown student responds to the haters

Subject: Re: Negative transaction at Lil Joe’s From: [administrator] <xxxxxxxx_xxxx@brown.edu> Date: November 3, 2014 at 7:47:40 AM EST To: [student] <xxxxx_xxxx@brown.edu> Hello [student], On November 2 at 1:19am you purchased $6.54 worth of merchandise from Lil Joes convenience (see register receipt below).  The register communication was down at the time of the purchase, so your Bearbucks account…

katie cafaro get over yourself carrie bradshaw

get over yourself, carrie bradshaw

a critique of her stigmatization of the single woman

Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda were one of pop culture’s most admired friend groups in the late 1990s through the 2000s. “Sex and the City” was a television show that took the audience on the journeys of four single 30-something women living in New York City as they tried to…