• Maddy Cherr

    music roulette

    a thanksgiving family ritual (with help from spotify)

    November 22, 2019
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    Yesterday, someone tried to convince me that Thanksgiving is the worst holiday, and, well…suffice it to say that words were had. (This someone also happened to be my professor. Goodbye, participation grade.) See, I love Thanksgiving. I love that it presages the magical month leading up to Christmas (a disappointment once it arrives, but a […]

    eyes on the road

    at the intersection of driver and passenger

    November 15, 2019
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    Content Warning: References to animal injury and car accidents  I don’t remember where we were going when it happened, or what we were talking about, just that whatever my friend Mia was saying from the backseat dissolved into a yelp as I looked out the passenger-side window and saw the round, glassy eye of a […]