Mary O'Connor

mary oconnor less than pennies a day april 27

less than pennies a day

capitalism and the sum of years

Just days ago, I turned in my thesis. Over a year of work across two continents has brought me to this 130-page behemoth (or so it feels to me) of knowledge, a tome to chronicle my learning experience through four years of undergrad. I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading Freud and Lacan and Haraway and…

mary o connor -love stories- a romantic notion- april 20

a romantic notion

holding on to the starry-eyed imagination

Alone, Annie—a somber Meg Ryan—looks down on New York City from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Her body seems to sigh into the metal fence that keeps her from the ground below. Sam isn’t coming. She should go home.   But finally, a young Tom Hanks emerges from the elevator, walking out…

Mary Oconnor southpark march 16 2016

the delicate satire of south park

buckle up, buckaroo

The appeal of “South Park” has long rested on its ability to take on current events with wit and irreverence, distilling big issues into easily digestible episodes that manage to make you both laugh and think a little. Among my favorite “South Park” episodes are the two-part “Go God Go” and “Go God Go XII,”…

mary oconnor wasted words march 9 2016

wasted words

viola davis, #OscarsSoWhite, and the new stories hollywood needs

Just how much of an impact can Viola Davis leave in a single scene? In just 11 minutes of screentime in the 2008 film “Doubt,” she gave an answer: enough to be nominated for an Academy Award. Portraying the mother of a African-American boy being preyed upon by a gregarious priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Davis…