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michelle ng print small 22Charting Your Emotions

Charting Emotions in the Stars

reading my sister’s horoscopes

  Horoscopes are not a hobby for my older sister. Lindsay does not fill empty hours of the day flipping through the horoscopes on the back of the newest Cosmo. For her, reading her “scopes” means assembling a tool belt for dealing with the day’s problems. If the alignment of the moon means that there…

michelle ng _Substance over performance

Voices Carry

Can slam poetry still inspire?

“You took my heart like a thief in the night, placed it in the iridescent colors of your soul, put it in a box. Locked it with a key, and kept it. That’s how you start it, with a deep ass line.” This is how Daisy Armstrong begins her 2011 spoken word poem “This Shit…

michelle ng Trouble in the Galaxy

Trouble in the Galaxy

Navigating the nerd world as a woman of color

Standing outside the Anaheim Convention Center, I joked with my dad that one’s devotion is really tested by these sorts of things. It was barely 10 a.m., and the Southern California heat drew sweat from our foreheads. The doors to WonderCon (the precursor to the big kahuna, San Diego ComicCon) would not even open until…

michelle ng 22a penguin at the end of the world22

A Penguin at the End of the World

the death of our childhood games

  Club Penguin shut down on March 30th at the stroke of midnight PST. It was the end of an online game that, through its decade-long existence, was a defining part of growing up for generations of kids. Its death was a symbolic one as well, yet another reminder of the ephemerality of our childhood…

michelle ng hoax at the oscars

Hoax at the Oscars!

How The Best Picture Screw-Up Really Went Down

INT—BOARDROOM: Boardroom of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Beverly Hills. The Oscars are next week. Seated around the table are a dozen representatives who make up the Board. Each representative is 89% white and 73% male, and they are all exactly 63 years old. At the head of the table is OSCAR,…