natasha sharpe

An Abundance of Ivy

Accepting a different university

As the weather warms up, a favorite American hero returns: the student accepted into all eight Ivy League schools. This year there are at least three new members of America’s most exclusive college club: Martin Altenburg of Fargo, North Dakota; Ivan Vazquez, from Boise, Idaho; and Ifeoma White-Thorpe, from Rockaway, New Jersey. All three have…

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SciLi Staplers Suck

nitpicking my way through campus

I’ll be the first to admit that there are very few things wrong with my life. As I write this, I’m in a safe, quiet space where I feel comfortable and content. I have access to not only higher education, but also a warm bed and french fries. With so many good things in my…

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revisiting childhood favorites as an almost-adult

“Always.” To any Harry Potter fan, this is the only proper response to the question posed in the title. To me, it’s one of four. As a Laura Ingalls Wilder devotee, I picture a little house in the big woods with a fire blazing and corn biscuits toasting. A Lemony Snicket enthusiast, I can imagine…

natasha sharpe typos

The Misprint Multiverse

the rythme I went throat shopping

Inspired by Brenda Miller’s “Typos,” a piece that explores the alternate realities that live in our misspellings and misunderstandings.   “God donut.” Do you know about the origin of donuts? (Cue: “I donut.”) They are the fallen halos of gods and angels and holy aliens, doughy rings of divinity that tumble through dimensions, passing through…

natasha sharpe the essential chore

The Essential Chore

the disciplined pursuit of less

The floor is a sprawling desert of sentimentality, perfumed with the gentle smell of storage. Monumental walls of clothing emerge like remnants from a forgotten era, and pillars of archived birthday cards tilt precariously as items increasingly surface from the dusty depths of some wayward drawer. This is the site of an excavation, spearheaded by…