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Who Let the Dogs Out

Definitely Not Me

Sometimes, when I’m meeting new people, I like to tell them things about myself that would elicit more intrigue than anything I could say about my hometown or concentration. Some favorites include “I’ve never had a PB&J” and “I’m in a feud with Ethan Hawke.” (I promise I’ll discuss both of these at length in…

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To Mock a Tyrant

Is Political Satire Worth It Anymore?

It’s 2017, and we take our timelines like we take our coffee: dark, bitter, and likely to keep us up all night tossing and turning. The front page of every newspaper, every day, reads like a fear-mongering Hillary Clinton campaign ad: “Imagine a world in which the least qualified, most morally bankrupt presidential candidate in…

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Nostalgia, Guilt and Alcohol

making amends

Allow me to paint the picture: I am four shots of vodka into an October night, on the stage in Zete’s fraternity house, seemingly soaring through the evening, when suddenly, the incessant desire to text everyone I have ever loved sets in. I know very clearly that the boy from last year hates me, but…

Natasha Sharpe Youll Never Walk Alone

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Scenes from the Women’s March on Washington

They came from Houston and upstate Michigan, from Greensboro, North Carolina, and Brooklyn. A group of young girls carried a giant banner representing hundreds more people from Kentucky, and a parade of women from New Mexico passed by in yellow sashes. A local TV reporter searched for anyone from Indiana, and I met a trio…

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Jane the Virgin

“What are examples of positive representation on TV right now?” Professor Elizabeth Hoover asks her Intro to Ethnic Studies class. “Black-ish!” one student yells. Silence. “Fresh Off the Boat!” shouts another. A few murmurs. “Jane the Virgin!” someone cries out. Immediately, the packed lecture room fills up with the sounds of hoots, claps, and classic…