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The Disturbing Clairvoyance of Black Mirror

Technology’s scary future is already here

The images, characters, and neuroses that populate the pastel world of “Nosedive” are eerily familiar: Styled latte shots. Breezy captions. Hitting “post” as anxiety for social approval sinks in like teeth.   But season three’s first episode of Netflix Original series Black Mirror, released in October 2016, insists on interrogating the reality we know. For…

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The Comeback King

the myth of Tom Brady

Sometime between 10 and 11 p.m. Standard Central Time, after all the confetti had fallen to the field and while ESPN analysts were still breathlessly breaking down the New England Patriots’ 34-28 comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons, someone stole quarterback Tom Brady’s jersey from the Patriots’ locker room. This crime is not without clear…