• olivia lunger

    this is weird

    college (preparation) as a cultural institution

    November 15, 2019
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    In the morning, maybe ten minutes before my alarm goes off, I float about halfway to consciousness. With my eyes still closed and dreams starting to fade, I become aware that I’m lying in bed, under a blanket. I think it’s my bed at home, in Greenville, North Carolina—the wooden frame my parents got at […]

    cracking open a cold one

    one woman’s exploration of beer’s past and present

    October 31, 2019
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    A bottle of Heineken turns slowly on the screen, revealing the logo of the UEFA Champions League. The final game is the coming Saturday and, according to the narrator, “you are going to watch it with your friends, having a Heineken.” This is an actual commercial that aired in Brazil in May of 2014. The […]