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face the future

doctor who, commencement, and what happens in between

This article contains spoilers for the “Doctor Who” episodes “Face the Raven,” “Heaven Sent,” and “Hell Bent” (Series 9, episodes 10-12). This is an article about endings. Ironically, I’m not sure how to start it; beginnings have never been my forte. I want to write about the end of Series 9 of “Doctor Who,” a…

peter herrara reading fantasy april 20 2016

reading fantasy

the craft of storytelling

As of two weeks ago, I’ve read 38 of the 41 “Discworld” novels, a massive and intricately detailed fantasy series written by the late and intensely wonderful Terry Pratchett. My older sisters gave me the sixth book, “Wyrd Sisters,” as a Christmas present when I was in my early teens. It was the first book…

peter herrara finding passion in providence why brown march 23 20161

why brown?

finding passion in providence

I feel like I’ve walked onto a TV set. Walter Simpson sits laughing in the courtroom. A recording plays—it’s Walter talking to a detective on the phone, taped on December 15th of last year. “Do you have a twin out there?” Detective Sergeant Greenough asks. Hearing this question again, one month later, amuses Walter. Were…

peter herrara enigneering camp march 2 2016


a q&a with sophia gluskin-braun

Here’s our conversation with Sophia Gluskin-Braun, the coordinator of Spira, a summer engineering camp for young women. Monica Chin: For people who haven’t heard of Spira, could you give a brief description of the camp and its mission? Sophia Gluskin-Braun: Spira is a free four-week summer camp at Brown for 15-20 young women going into the 10th…