phoebe ayres

songs of sadness

the communal loneliness of julien baker

I hope I cut myself shaving tomorrow / I hope it bleeds all day long I discovered Julien Baker’s 2015 album Sprained Ankle last summer in a sticky hot, sun-ridden dorm room in Durham, North Carolina—not exactly the perfect setting for an album containing the lyric “Wish I could write songs about anything other than…

A&C piece#4 new girl

hello again

watching season seven of New Girl

Writer/creator Elizabeth Meriwether’s brilliant, shockingly long-lasting sitcom New Girl started its seventh and final season April 10 on Fox, and if you want to see how far it’s come, look no further than Schmidt (Max Greenfield), its breakout character and the source of the Krameresque typecasting that will surely follow Greenfield for the rest of…

let’s get our free lattes!

reporting from shiru café

My mother always told me not to give my personal information to strangers. Especially strangers that offer me food. Who knew that after sixteen years of carefully following her advice, I’d give it all up for a latte. The latest in a chain of Shiru Café opened in Providence last month. Their mission statement is…