Pia Mileaf-Patel

narrative #2 accents

accents that mark

the implications of intonations

When my Taiwanese parents say my English name, each syllable lands with an abrupt thud, punched out like three decisive raps on a door: EH-muh-lee. My brother’s name, “Vincent,” slides off their tongues as “VING-sun!”, invariably punctuated by an exclamation mark and a high-pitched lilt. At the summer camp where my brother and I taught…


to be in the kitchen

what happens to make a meal

The time between Christmas Eve morning and Christmas Eve night used to feel weeks long. This year was the first year I realized it was only ever a few hours. Of course there were also the days leading up to the party—the 22nd and the 23rd, and those, too, were small infinities—but it was only…


Slope Style?

Ty Walker on the Winter Olympics and her snowboarding future

A shorter, condensed version of this transcript ran in post- on Jan. 23 Could you walk me through your snowboarding career? I started snowboarding when I like seven or eight years old. I lived on Long Island, and my family would go up to Vermont on the weekends, kind of like typical thing with family…


love according to hollywood and reality

“you’ve got nothing to lose”

Boy meets girl. In a cute way, like they reach for the same avocado at Whole Foods, or she accidentally takes his cappuccino at Starbucks and their hands meet. Overpriced edible goods are crucial. He asks her out, and even though that big work presentation is coming up, she says yes. “You’ve got nothing to…

candygrams - Molly Young


post- modern love

You will bald prematurely.  – RattyDaddy “A Brief Query for God” Dear God, Why do bad things Happen to good people? Why do good things Happen to bad people? And if nothing ever happens to me, What the hell is that supposed to mean? – James Feinberg I laughed my first time. And second. And…