Rémy Poisson

Coffee with Russian

from nevsky to new dorm

making memories

More than two months after I left Saint Petersburg, I received a Facebook message from Dean, a former Brown University student with whom I had explored Russian art exhibitions and gallery openings. “Hey Rachel, will be in Prov in mid-September,” he’d written. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. After all, he wasn’t just a mentor—he…

Shabbat Article

chronicles of shabbat

hillel and heritage

My family is Jewish, but I’ve never really understood what that means. Before Brown, I could count the number of times I had been to a synagogue on one hand. I wasn’t bat mitzvahed; I knew only a handful of Hebrew and Yiddish words. At home, we insist Christmas is just like any other day….

Mariah Carey

Comeback Queen

Mariah Carey Throws Caution to the Wind

The average young person knows exactly three things about Mariah Carey:   (1) She constituted half of the most perplexingly turbulent inter-judge relationship ever to grace American Idol, spending most of its twelfth season picking fights with fellow panelist Nicki Minaj. (This is often cited as foreshadowing for the current Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B…

Eating healthy during finals

thrive, don’t just survive

nutrition and balance during finals

Winter has come. The end of the semester is near; finals are just around the corner. Though final exams might determine your grades for your classes, the most important thing this winter season is your health. Here are some tips on nutrition, healthy eating habits, and work balance, so you can not only survive but…

Unconventional thank yous

giving thanks

(and serving tea)

Thank you to my phone alarm—without you, I quite literally would not be here. Thank you to the SciLi; at first you were intimidating, then dreary, then stressful, but slowly and surely, you’ve become home. Thank you, Hillel—you ease my mother’s heart when I lie and tell her I go to you. Thank you, Blueno’s…