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Brown’s 2017 Spring Weekend Playlist

a closer look at this year’s spring weekend performers

PRINCESS NOKIA Destiny Nicole Frasqueri has gone through a number of stage name changes, from Wavy Spice (which is a better name than Scary Spice) to the singular Destiny. Her latest incarnation goes by Princess Nokia, and she describes the persona as a representation of her “multi-dimensional aspects.” For a singer so concerned with questions…

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Love and Other Stuff

a new age

Watching season two of Love on Netflix, I found myself in a familiar position. I loved what I was watching, even as I spotted its flaws. I would roll my eyes at one scene, but melt into a mushy puddle come the next, helpless in the face of Gus and Mickey’s mercilessly endearing, constantly tormented…

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I pretend not to hear

A bead of sweat trickled down my freckled face, pausing a moment on my nose to sting the tender, burnt skin beneath it before plummeting to the pavement below. Waves of heat radiated from the gum-speckled concrete—the streets of New York City in the summer are prisons for heat, each slab holding sunrays captive. The…


Looking Back

Letter from New York: Sunday in the Park with George and The Price

Seeing Sunday in the Park with George at this point in history is less a theatergoing experience than an act of worship. If the well-to-do Broadway set or bourgeois theater maniacs, immortalized in another Stephen Sondheim piece, “The Ladies Who Lunch,” had their own version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sunday would probably be it….

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Warm Skin

a summer fling that gets better after good bye

She shuts the screen door with its peeling paint, and a smile breaks out on her face. An evening well-spent, and the best is yet to come. Sex is good, and his skin is warm. He offers to walk her home, as he does every night, but she declines, as she does every night. Sex…