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The Rock’s Strange Beauty

What you wouldn’t expect to find in this concrete monolith

Just before dusk, the Rock rises up like an awkwardly-layered cake, its vertical windows mismatched and its stories unevenly stacked. Along with its dingy concrete walls, the Rock is—let’s face it—not one of Brown’s great architectural beauties. But through the slitted windows leaks a warm yellow glow and, if you stop for a moment before…

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Syria on the Screen

Lucky to be an Art Student

  At the end of an art history class I took last semester, we learned about the Ashcan school, which was not an organized group or movement but rather a hodgepodge of painters connected by their choice of subject matter: scenes of the urban quotidian in America with a focus on the poor and working-class….

Soco Fernandez Garcia expulsion


A story of the near future

Do you know that feeling, like a faint buzzing in the air, beneath the silence? A gentle vibration hidden under the surface of everything, below the stillness? It’s the trembling from our frightened souls, in the face of the belief many of us hold, but are not always aware of: Our lives do not belong…

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a master at the met

reflections on diversity in fine arts

I am a museum junkie. It is the cheapest thing to do in any city and a way to kill time. In the summer when internships do not pan out the way I want to, or on breaks from school where I need to occupy my time, museums are an escape from staring at my…

Socorro Fernandez Garcia Growing Up Working Title

I’m too old for Spider-Man

Growing Up and Aging Out

Recently, while caught up in a Wikipedia clickstorm, I came across the page for the new Spider-Man movie and found out that boys born in 2001 were considered for the lead role. As a proud baby of the late ’90s—December 1997, in case any readers want to send me a belated birthday present—this fact really…