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bump in the night

thoughts on an enlightening and frightening podcast

Imagine sitting by a campfire in the woods on a dark, cloudy night. You feel the warmth of the fire, but you still wrap yourself in a blanket to protect yourself from the chilly breeze. Sitting next to you is a friendly and gifted storyteller. This storyteller reminds you of your favorite lecturers at university,…

Soco Fernandez Garcia senior slump

senior slump

the modern film auteur and the impossibility of following oneself

As a preface—did you see, Hail, Caesar?  (That’s a tricky sentence to write, incidentally, since the stylistic typography used by the Coen brothers for their most recent directorial effort is actually Hail, Caesar!, which is a devil of a thing to try to end an interrogative with, but there you are.) If you did, statistically…


portrait of providence

meditations on transition while walking to whole foods

The streets are different here. It isn’t surprising, really, that the creative capital of New England would contrast with a midwestern college town half its size, but it’s most apparent in the streets. They bulge, wind, climb, crack. I trip a lot here. Tree roots swell under cobblestones and make the sidewalks twist. I like…

Soco Fernandez Garcia single or ready to mingle color

Single or Ready to Mingle?

Dating Do or Dies

You’ve probably heard someone say that college is the best time to meet your life partner. Maybe your parents met in college, or through their friends, or through the people who lived next door to your parents’ friends. Maybe your roommate has been dating someone since first-year orientation. Whatever the case, there’s an inherent excitement…

soco EFG a portrait of Ma lady april 20 2016

a portrait of a (ma)lady

a review of trey shults’ stunning krisha

Speaking at the recently concluded Ivy Film Festival, Trey Edward Shults—the 26-year-old debutant director-writer-editor of “Krisha”—expressed his fascination with the creative problem-solving ethos of the “Dogme 95” movement. Started in 1995 by Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, this movement aspired to a pure cinema built on the “traditional values of story, acting, and theme…