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soco efg taking a break feature spring weekend

taking a break

figuring out hometown

There’s something comforting about being home, and I’m reminded of that this week. My spring break is being spent mostly in my bed, or talking in the kitchen with my parents, or watching “The Office” with my brother. I hate myself for this laziness. I should be at the gym, or getting on that huge…

soco efg thundercat spring weekend


hip-hop’s secret weapon takes center stage

Read up on Stephen Bruner, and it will quickly become apparent that he plays well with others. The man behind Thundercat is a true behind-the-scenes jack-of-all-trades—singing, playing bass, and producing for a list that includes Flying Lotus, Childish Gambino, Kamasi Washington, and Erykah Badu. His most high-profile work, however, is on Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp…

socco efg a quarter life crisis march 16 2016

a quarter-life crisis

falling short of zooey deschanel

At 4:48 p.m. on November 7, 2015, I was pushed into my 20s. I’d always had a clearly defined image of what this would mean. Older, wiser, able to work a stove, at 20 I wouldn’t have everything figured out, but I’d have the important things—job, boyfriend, stocked refrigerator. I’d have been through two serious…

soco EFG dada knows best march 9 2016

dada knows best

a centenary reflection on dadaism: art’s most daring movement

On February 2, 1916, now just more than a century ago, a curious announcement bubbled up in the Zurich press. It read: “The Cabaret Voltaire. Under this name a group of young artists and writers has formed with the object of becoming a center for artistic entertainment. In principle, the Cabaret will be run by…

soco fernandez garcia EFG The revenants mar 2 2016

the revenants

two tales of the ones who came back

Now, with the sharpest teeth of winter crunching through my bones, I want stories of winters even worse. With wind-chill at 20 degrees below zero and a lace of frost trimming my hood, I listen for survivors’ tales. The holes in my coat pockets grow larger each winter, as I try to fit more stories…