soco fernandez garcia

soco fernandez garcia being queer feb 17 2016

the suppression game

reflections on the closet

Sometime last year, a YouTuber named Ingrid Nilsen posted a video called “Something I Want You To Know (Coming Out).” I’m not much of a YouTube person, so I didn’t know anything about Ingrid going in (besides the fact that a friend of mine is pretty into her makeup videos—she’s a beauty vlogger with a very large…

Socorro Fernandez Garcia making a murderer feb 10 2016

a lawyer’s verdict on making a murderer

asking for parental advice

Growing up as the daughter of two lawyers was a particular kind of childhood, one in which I rarely won arguments, developed an intense fascination with criminal psychology, and learned that what’s fair or what’s just is not always the verdict. My mother specializes in health law, privacy, and corporate governance. My father wanted to…

soco fernandez garcia student run theater groups feb 3rd 20161

beyond the classroom

an overview of student-run theater

Brown is blessed with a thriving theater scene. In addition to the faculty- and student-run group called Sock and Buskin, there are five student-run theater groups on campus. I sat down with a representative from each student-run group in an attempt to sort through the chaos and learn more about each group’s defining characteristics. What…